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Working with SAP to automatically detect and help you resolve system issues before they become major business problems

Active Alerts

If your system is running SAP, our new purpose-built solution Active Alerts can help you detect specific systems issues and inform the right person, in real-time.

Most likely, you already expect certain system problems to arise that will require specialist attention. Active Alerts simply brings those problem details to the right inbox, allowing you or your team to react fast and solve small, but important issues before they become too costly and difficult to manage.

Flexible and adaptable

Active Alerts is a flexible solution designed with multi-purpose use in mind and can be applied to a range of use-cases. From blocked vendor invoices to missing master data or unposted EDI intercompany invoices, pre-designed workflows can be disrupted for many reasons. Alerts can also have workflow links to SAP transactions to help you quickly resolve issues.

Delivers real insight to the right person at the right time

Active Alerts can be configured to alert anybody inside or outside your organization.  Now you can be sure that not only will the problem get fixed, but the right person will be on the case immediately.

The alert is designed to reach the person with the capability, expertise and knowledge to fix the issue.  This way, Active Alerts ensures this person is always aware of key processes and actions, in real-time.

Our solution can help you identify potentially damaging system issues and automatically notify the right people at the right time.



Minola Technology solves vendor-payments efficiency problems for major multinational with Active Alerts solution

The Client

Our client Lucozade Ribena is a large manufacturer of soft drinks with factories all over the world. Over a number of years, we partnered on many key IT systems projects with them across several international sites.

The Challenge

With a focus on increasing internal efficiencies, the company realised that vendors were not being paid as promptly as they had liked, as invoices were becoming blocked by the system for several reasons. These included discrepancies between price on the original Purchase Order (PO), or between invoiced quantity and the quantity of goods/services received.

This resulted in payment delays as the accounts payable team and the departmental procurement leads needed to communicate on each individual invoice. The procurement leaders were required to review the invoice, check it against the PO and the goods-received document, and decide whether to unblock it.  This was an overly-laborious approach and the client needed a solution that was relatively fast to set up and easy to use on a day-to-day basis.

The company was also not convinced that SAP workflow was the best solution for them. One reason was that workflow didn’t address invoices blocked for quantity reasons, another was that agent determination was complex and time consuming to implement and maintain.

The Work

By deploying our flagship solution, Active Alerts, we could tackle this client challenge head-on. The initial implementation involved us moving the alert system onto the client system using a SAP Package which included an Extract Class specifically developed to extract the relevant data for Active Alerts. With the solution up and running, managers are able to receive notification and act quickly to make decisions about blocked invoices.  Active Alerts functionality means that the right team-member now gets the message in a format they can easily respond to.  And the right manager receives the details they need and when the alert is received, they can trigger a workflow response on SAP to unblock where appropriate.

Training would form an integral part of our solution and the training phase kicked-off with full training for the technical team onsite with supporting documentation. A ‘train-the-trainer’ module showed key employees how they can introduce additional alerts with the recommendation that each alert is owned by one business user. Additional training and support on administering alerts and alerts functionality was also provided as required.

The Results
  • Vendors were paid on time and our client had the peace-of-mind that if any invoices were blocked, the right person would be notified immediately.
  • Communication was streamlined within the organisation, harmonising working relationships between teams and units.
  • The solution also delivered real autonomy to business units allowing them to control the alert locally, like changing the frequency of sending alerts.
  • The IT team and all stakeholders found Active Alerts flexible, easy-to-use and fast to implement and set-up.

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