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Giving your business proven SAP expertise tailored to meet your needs

Based in Dublin, Minola Technology is a SAP consultancy that can offer you proven expertise in large-scale IT project management and implementation in SAP, SAP HANA, and Analytics.

Individually, each of our members has at least 20 years’ expertise on large-scale IT projects. And we have a solid track record in working with organizations of all sizes with specific expertise in working with large multinational manufacturers that have extensive import and export operations. Our clients include Orangina Schweppes, Lucozade, Homebase, and Suntory.

Our core service offerings are SAP implementation, SAP Change management, Bespoke ABAP and Fiori development for SAP and  two original solutions … Active Alerts, a multi-purpose system monitoring tool and Duty Tracker, an intuitive import-duty tracking solution.

Minola Technology is a SAP Partner, and Active Alerts is a SAP Certified product.


The Minola approach

Customer first

We’ll put your needs at the centre of everything we do and always consider the project from your perspective, continuously focussing on the best outcome for you.i

Problem solvers

We’ll help you to solve business problems and identify potential issues. Applying our insight and experience, we’ll help you find the answers you need.


We’ll work closely with your team on-site and share our internal expertise, deploying our solutions according to a precise and carefully managed project plan.